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DUI Offenders Politically Re-Classified as “Violent”, Returned to Prison


In today’s DUI double standard department:

Early Release Sends Some DUI Offenders Back to Prison

Chicago, IL.  Dec. 25 — Anti-drunken driving advocates reacted angrily earlier this week when the Chicago Sun-Times revealed that Gov. Quinn’s administration had released 18 felony drunken drivers from prison early to serve the rest of their prison time on home confinement.

On Thursday, those same anti-DUI advocates were cheering after the governor ordered all 18 back behind bars to serve the remainder of their prison time. Each will be paroled between mid-January and mid-October under the terms of their original sentences.

"That is a delightful Christmas story," said David Malham, a victim-services specialist with Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Chicago. "MADD is absolutely delighted that the governor reacted to this serious issue in such a way."

The Sun-Times revealed Tuesday that the 18 felony DUI drivers and 40 burglars were among 204 inmates released early from prison under a new program aiming to save taxpayers $5 million a year by putting certain "low-level, nonviolent offenders" on home detention. Eventually, 1,000 inmates are supposed to be released early.

MADD officials said repeat DUI offenders should have been considered violent. After reviewing the program, the state Corrections Department agreed.

The 18 DUI offenders were rounded up during the past two days. No more DUI drivers will be eligible for early release.

"A decision was made to eliminate any and all DUI offenders from the electronic-detention program," Corrections Department spokeswoman Januari Smith said.

Apparently, drug dealers were not "re-classified" by the politicians. But then "MADD" doesn’t stand for "Mothers Against Drug Dealers".

Chalk up a MADD endorsement and a few more votes for the Governor come re-election… 

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