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The Dui Double Standard In China


I’ve posted often in the past about the hidden double standard in enforcing drunk driving laws against cops, judges and politicians.  See, for example, The DUI Double Standard, The DUI Double Standard II, The Blue Cover-Up, Guarding the Guardians and Who Will Guard the Guardians?.    

Is Criminalizing Drunk Driving Unfair to Public Servants?

China, Dec. 26 — Chinese lawmakers have proposed making drunk driving a criminal offense in China, no matter the degree of damage caused. But some members of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee argue that criminalizing drunk driving would be unfair to public servants, because if they committed such a crime, they would not only face criminal punishment but also lose their jobs. They argue that the consequence is too severe…

Hmmm…..Sounds a lot like the double-standard applied to our own civil servants, but at least the Chinese are a lot more open about it.

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