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Falsifications of Breathalyzer Records Continue


A few days ago I posted about a state breathalyzer inspector who was "fixing" machines in Miami-Dade County by simply deleting evidence of malfunctions. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement fired her — but not until after she had cast doubt on as many as 10,000 DUI convictions .  See How to Prove Breathalyzer Accuracy: Falsify the Records. 

I concluded the post with the comment, "Do you really think this only happens in Miami?"….

Thousands of DWI Cases Put in Jeopardy

Inspector faked her checks of devices that test breath, DPS says

Houston, TX.  Oct. 25  –  Thousands of drunken-driving cases in the Houston area could be dismissed because of an inspector of alcohol breath test machines who didn’t conduct the examinations she claimed to have completed.

The Texas Department of Public Safety announced Friday that it suspended the certification for a woman who contracted to keep the breath test machines accurate for the Clute, Friendswood, Galveston, League City, Pearland, Seabrook, South Houston and Webster police departments.

DPS said she altered electronic records to make it appear she’d tested and adjusted the calibrations of machines when she had not.

DPS officials said the woman, an independent contractor with each of the municipalities, had been falsifying records for up to a year and that would affect at least 2,600 DWI charges. The Texas Rangers are conducting the criminal investigation.

She has not been charged with any crime…

Thanks to Bryan Hanks and Troy McKinney.

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