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Another of MADD’s “DUI SuperCops”


Another one of those news stories that needs little comment…

Officer Who Shot Chargers Player Honored for DUI Arrest Record

Del Mar, CA.  Mar 17  — A police officer who shot Chargers linebacker Steve Foley after following the player on suspicion of drunk driving has been named Coronado’s Outstanding DUI Officer of the Year.

Coronado’s city manager says Officer Aaron Mansker was honored at the recent Mothers Against Drunk Driving annual luncheon.

Mansker was on his way home from work in September 2006 when he tailed Foley home after spotting the player’s car swerving on a San Diego freeway.

Then a rookie officer, Mansker has said he thought Foley was armed when he fired shots into the player’s leg, hip and hand. The injuries ended Foley’s football career.

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