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The DUI Double Standard – Ex-Detective Gets More Jail Time in Alcohol Cases


In the who-will-guard-the-guardians department:

Ex-Detective Gets More Jail Time in Alcohol Cases

Seattle, WA.  June 27  –  A former Seattle police detective who set a breath-test record was sentenced to more than a year in jail and three months in home detention for a series of alcohol-related driving cases, two of which involved minor crashes…

Last year, Jarrett briefly held the unenviable record of the highest blood-alcohol concentration in state history when she measured 0.47 on a State Patrol breath test…

Jarrett has already served more than 300 days in home detention and about 60 days in jail. She spent the past two weeks in jail after she apparently relapsed, breaking a court order to stay away from alcohol.

She now must serve 440 more days in jail, though she could get time off for good behavior and will be allowed to serve most of that time in a work-release program.

“I think she struggles with a disease that has been winning,” (Judge David Steiner) said…

Hmmm…At least three DUIs involving two car crashes, two probation violations and a record 0.47% blood-alcohol level.  What do you think your sentences would have been?  Home detentions and work release programs?  Or very long stretches of hard time?

Funny how prosecutors and judges suddenly see it as a “disease” when the drunk driver is a cop.  Of course it’s a disease (see The DUI Problem and Time for a Change), but where is that compassion when the defendant isn’t a cop?

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