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Cops Cheating On Breath Test Exams


In the Who-will-guard-the-guardians? department:

Inspector General: Canton Troopers Cheated on Breathalyzer Exams

Columbus, OH.  AP, July 17  –  An Ohio Inspector General report says state troopers assigned to the Highway Patrol’s Canton post cheated on yearly exams required for law enforcement officers who give breathalyzer tests.

The report says Trooper Anthony Maroon made copies of an exam he took in 2007 and shared answers with other troopers when he retook the test in April.

The report also says there was evidence of related cheating by troopers on tests given on four other dates in 2007 and 2008.

The inspector general says six troopers cheated on exams, another trooper received exam answers from Maroon and five patrol sergeants knew about the cheating but didn’t intervene.

I wonder how many citizens have been convicted based on breath tests given by cops like these?

(Thanks to Andre at The Newspaper.)

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