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Dui Logic


For those of you unfamiliar with the logic of The War on Drunk Driving, consider the following story from yesterday’s news…

Recent DUI Checkpoint A Success

Pittsburgh, PA.  Aug. 6  –  The final statistics have been assessed from a recent sobriety checkpoint conducted by the West Hills Task Force in Stowe Township.

 Police checked 275 vehicles that went through the Route 51, Island Avenue checkpoint on Friday night.  Of the cars that were stopped, there were six DUI arrests, three drug arrests and three citations for underage drinking.

Now consider this story from last week, mentioned in my previous post:

No Arrests Make Stops a Success

DUI checkpoints are working, police say 

Lewisberg, PA  July 31  –  Police officers say a checkpoint that catches no drunken drivers should not be considered a failure.

"It’s a deterrence program," said Douglas Lauver, alcohol enforcement coordinator and co-coordinator of the North Central Highway Safety Network’s Regional DUI Enforcement Group. "Ideally, the goal is not to make any arrests for DUI." 

(Sgt. Scott) Hahn agreed, saying by making the scene a spectacle with lights, trucks and cars, the checkpoints make an impression on motorists going through them and prompt them to talk about the stops with others…

Get it?  If there are a bunch of DUI arrests, the roadblock is a success.  But if there are no arrests at all, then the roadblock is, well…a success.

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