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The Latest DUI SuperCop…


I’ve posted repeatedly in the past about the dangers of MADD’s so-called "DUI SuperCop" awards, encouraging police to make greater numbers of arrests — legal or otherwise.  See, e.g., How to be a DUI Super Cop,  Supercops..and Supercons and Another DUI SuperCop.  In yesterday’s news, the latest example: 

Cop with Most DUI Arrests Charged with

Misconduct, Other Felonies

Chicago, IL.  April 15 – A Chicago cop once honored for arresting more drunk drivers than any other Illinois officer faces felony charges for allegedly filing a bogus police report on one of his arrests.

John Haleas, 37, is charged with four counts of official misconduct, two counts of obstruction of justice, and four counts of perjury in a grand jury indictment dated April 9.

Haleas was honored three times by the Schaumburg-based Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists as the police officer with the most DUI busts in Illinois. But last October, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office dropped about 50 DUI cases in which Haleas had been the arresting officer — and said as many as 500 cases could be in jeopardy…

According to the indictment, Haleas falsely reported that (the arrestee) failed a field sobriety test. Haleas allegedly wrote false traffic citations, the indictment states, and lied about (him) taking the “one leg stand” test, the “walk and turn” test, and the finger-to-nose test. In fact, Haleas “did not administer any field sobriety tests,” the indictment states.

I wonder how many of those record-breaking arrests by this DUI "SuperCop" were also based upon false evidence?  And how many other cops, hungry for the promotions that these awards bring, are also taking shortcuts?

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