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Supercops…and Supercons


I've posted in the past about the increasing phenomenon of the so-called DUI "Supercop".   (See DUI Supercops,  How to be a "Top Cop" and Supercops: The Smoking Gun.)    These are police officers who receive awards and promotions for making massive amounts of drunk driving arrests — and massive amounts of money for the local government (see How to Make a Million in the DUI Business).  For example, this typical news story from a couple of days ago.

Local Deputy Receives DUI Award

Victorville, CA,  Nov 11 —  Deputy Stan Conway made more than 550 arrests for DUI driving in the last 15 months, earning the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Officer of the Year award for the second time…

The more than 550 arrests made by Conway have saved countless Victorville residents from becoming innocent victims, MADD said.



The problem is that these "supercops" are often reaching their impressive numbers by arresting innocent citizens.  Consider, for example, this story from a few days earlier:


Officer Cox Quits the Force


State will decide if the decorated officer should face criminal charges

Corvallis, OR.  Nov. 2 — Corvallis Police Officer Dave Cox, who had been on administrative leave since Sept. 14 pending an internal investigation into possible police policy violations, has resigned…

Benton County District Attorney John Haroldson said the police investigation has been turned over to the Oregon Department of Justice to determine if criminal charges would be filed against Cox…

Cox is widely known in Corvallis for the number of DUII arrests he has made. In 2006 he had an average of 20 arrests a month, or one per shift. In May of 2007, Cox arrested 27 people for DUII, while the rest of the Corvallis police force made 8 DUII arrests…

Police have remained mum about other aspects of the investigation into Cox’s official conduct.

(Thanks to Bjorn W.)

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