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More MADDness – DUI and Billboards


Another politically ambitious prosecutor seeking MADD’s endorsement:

Getting a DUI Could Get You on a Billboard

Phoenix, AZ.  Nov 19  —  Make sure you’re stone cold sober when you leave your holiday get-together or your mugshot could be pasted all over Valley freeways and streets on billboards.

The new billboards are going up just in time for the holiday season.

County Attorney Andrew Thomas says, “The point is don’t commit a dui or you’ll face a number of consequences. You’ll face incarceration, consequences with your driver’s license, and the fact that you could be potentially shamed.”

In addition to that, your face could wind up on the county attorney’s drunk driving Web site. In addition to the billboards, there are new radio and television public service announcements promoting the Web site.

The campaign costs $700,000. Convicted criminals are paying for most of it, because the funding is from assets seized through RICO (Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organization) statutes. The remainder comes from $188,530 allocated by the DUI abatement fund.

Well, aside from from the issue of “scarlet letter” shaming — and only for drunk driving cases (see my post The Scarlet Letter)…..Why couldn’t that RICO money be used to combat gangs?  Child molesting?  Maybe finding lost kids?  Oh, right, there’s no political endorsement in that.

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