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So If Breathalyzers Are So Accurate…


For decades police departments have sworn by the accuracy of breathalyzers, generally using blood tests only as a backup or where drugs are suspected.  And for those same decades prosecutors have been assuring gullible jurors that those machines are infallible — right up there with DNA evidence.  And breath testing is cheaper, faster and pain-free.  

 So why are police departments beginning to switch to blood tests?


Phoenix Police to Use Blood

Tests for DUI Stops

Phoenix, AZ.  May 11 — If you drive drunk, the Phoenix Police Department will stick it to you where it hurts.

The department is making the switch from the traditional breath tests to blood tests when they stop someone suspected of being under the influence.

Police say the reason is easy: the evidence is harder to disprove in court and it could be more accurate.

Sgt. Chris Moore said people who don't like needles shouldn't drink and drive, because they really don't have a choice…

He also said police can use reasonable force if they need to in order to get the blood. 

Funny how cops and prosecutors swear breathalyzers are deadly accurate beyond a reasonable doubt….until they switch to blood, which it turns out is "more accurate".   Sufficiently more accurate to justify dropping breathalyzers.

(Thanks to Andre Campos.)

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