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Latest Figures in MADD’s “War on Drunk Driving”


I commented a couple of days ago about confronting the CEO of MADD during an NPR debate with the question:  Why have fatality figures remained unchanged for the past 13 years — despite the increasingly Draconian laws, harsh penalties and unconstitutional procedures so successfully advocated by MADD during that same period?  His response was that attorneys were to blame. 

Those figures included the last year available: 2005.  Coincidentally, the Department of Transportation was just releasing the new figures for 2006:

U.S. Drunk Driving Deaths Rise

May 25, Washington.  Reuters  —  Alcohol-related deaths on U.S. roads rose to their highest level in 14 years in 2006, while the overall number of people killed in traffic crashes declined slightly but still topped 43,000, according to preliminary government estimates Friday.

The Transportation Department said that drunken driving deaths rose 2.4 percent to 17,941 after a slight decline in 2005. It was the highest level since 1992 when 18,290 deaths were reported.

I was wrong.  Despite unfair laws, harsh penalties, false evidence and a prevailing “DUI exception to the Constitution”, the rate of alcohol-related fatalities is actually increasing.

To again quote Mr. Einstein’s definition of “insanity”:  “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

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