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The Unicorn Revisited


A few days ago I posted about a gentleman in Montana who was arrested for drunk driving, but claimed that he was not driving — a Unicorn was.

Update:  yet another foul-up by prosecutors at a defendant’s expense.  It seems that the gentleman had explained to the officer that a woman in the car had been driving.  Later, a prosecutor who was familiar with the case emailed the prosecutor who was to appear for the arraignment that the defendant was going to use the “SEDI defense” (somebody-else-did-it).  He jokingly referred to it as “the Unicorn defense”, suggesting that some mythical being was driving. 

Unfortunately, the prosecutor at the arraignment apparently did not understand the humor, and at the arraignment asked the judge for high bail, explaining that the defendant had claimed a unicorn was driving. 

(Thanks to Bob Battle.)

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