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Japanese Pioneer Sophisticated New Technology


Announcing an important new advance in automotive engineering:

Drunk Driving Alert On CARWINGS Navigation Systems

TechNews, June 28 — Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will incorporate a message alert against drunk-driving into its CARWINGS (HDD) navigation systems…

The updated CARWINGS navi systems will display the drunk-driving alert when the ignition is turned on to remind the driver of the hazards of drinking and driving…

The alert “Do not drive after drinking!” appears automatically for about five seconds on the navigation panel between the hours of 17:30 and 05:00 at the start of the ignition. In the daytime i.e. between 05:00 and 17:30 hours, the display message reads “Let’s continue safe driving today”.

That should put an end to this scourge.  Imagine the stampede in Washington and state legislatures once MADD hears about this.

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