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The True Purpose Of Dui Roadblocks


As I’ve commented repeatedly in the past, roadblocks ("sobriety checkpoints") are (1) unconstitutional, (2) ineffective at catching drunk drivers, and (3) used primarily to raise revenue for local municipalities…

DUI Checkpoint Impounds 32 Vehicles

Escondido, CA. Jan. 13 – Escondido police impounded 32 vehicles and arrested four people at a drunken driving checkpoint, a lieutenant said Saturday.

Police withheld the names of three people arrested on suspicion of drug possession and one person booked on suspicion of drunken driving during the operation at El Norte Parkway and Ash Street between 6 p.m. and midnight Friday.

Of about 1,600 vehicles that passed through the checkpoint, 931 drivers were screened and 82 were pulled aside because they could not produce a license or were suspected of being under the influence, according to a lieutenant. Police impounded 32 because the driver had no license or a suspended or revoked one, police said.

In some cases, those vehicles can be sold to satisfy fines and impound fees. Police also ticketed 53 drivers for various offenses.

1600 citizens stopped…1 DUI arrest…and a lot of money from tickets and impounds for the City of Escondido.

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