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Finally: An End to Drunk Driving


The following solicitation from MADD for more money is the latest in an endless parade:

…Your donation is used to help fund programs that save lives and prevent injuries every day across our country. From our Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving, which will eliminate drunk driving once and for all, to the numerous youth programs that keep alcohol out of the hands of young people, your donation touches the lives of countless thousands. It even touches the lives of your family, friends and neighbors…

Hmmmm…..After 13 years of essentially unchanged DUI-related fatality statistics (they have actually increased), we are now promised that this latest MADD "campaign" will "eliminate drunk driving once and for all".  And what is this latest miracle campaign?  Requiring first offenders to have ignition interlock devices on their cars, rather than just repeat offenders as is presently done.  That's the crux of it.  That's going to put an end to drunk driving.

Do these fraudulent solicitations work?  Last year, MADD took in over $51 million (see IRS Form 990 for charitable organizations on MADD's website).   Also last year, MADD received the lowest possible rating from the consumer watchdog Charity Navigator for "fundraising efficiency" — that is, the percentage of money raised that actually goes to the stated objectives rather than to salaries, overhead, etc. 

Incidentally, the second prong of MADD's objective is apparently to "keep alcohol out of the hands of young people" — regardless of driving.  Hmm….Sounds like the next step is to keep alcohol out of the hands of all people.

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