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Evidence Only Counts if It’s Incriminating


So how important is evidence if a cop has decided to arrest a citizen for drunk driving?  How important if it shows innocence?  And how important is evidence to a prosecutor….or is justifying a bad DUI arrest more important?

No Drugs, No Booze, Busted for DUI

Port Richey, FL.  Nov 30  —  Joseph Errichiello is trying to walk a straight line but he is having trouble, just like he did when he was arrested for DUI on September 1st

Errichiello who was pulled over by the Florida Highway patrol in a DUI checkpoint failed all the field sobriety tests on his lack of coordination and the mental agility test.

Errichiello says he has had a learning disability that he’s had since a kid.

The trooper didn’t buy Errichiello’s story and after he was arrested Errichiello who says he doesn’t drink voluntarily took a breathalyzer test.  It came back 0.00.

He says they asked him if he would take a urine sample which would prove their case and he said he had nothing to hide so he said no problem.

Despite the fact that Errichiello blew 0.00 on the breathalyzer test and the Florida Highway Patrol confirms he had a 0.00 on the urinalysis the State Attorney’s Office is still prosecuting him for DUI and he can’t understand why…

I guess Joseph doesn’t understand that there are some things more important than justice.

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