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Dui Chain Gangs


Just when you thought the politically correct “War on Drunk Driving” had reached its limits of absurdity….

Chain Gang for DUI Offenders

Tucson, AZ.  Dec. 12  —  The toughest sheriff in the West is getting even tougher on drunk driving offenders.  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has created a chain gang of DUI offenders.

The inmates will be easy to spot while cleaning the streets.  He plans to make the convicts wear pink T-shirts that state “Sheriff DUI Chain Gang” in the back and “Clean and Sober” in the front.  Arpaio says this is the first chain gang for these types of offenders.

Just to maintain some perspective here, recent studies have shown that using cell phones while driving is more dangerous than driving while legally intoxicated (see “Alcohol vs Cell Phone: Which is More Dangerous?“).  But it looks like the Sheriff will get MADD’s endorsement in the next election.

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