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Feds Pay Madd To Intimidate Judges


Your tax dollars at work:

MADD Wins Court Monitoring Contract


Albuquerque (AP). Aug. 9, 2007 – The New Mexico chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been awarded a $400,000 contract to monitor drunken driving court proceedings in six counties…

New Mexico was selected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2003 as one of only two states to conduct a pilot court monitoring program.

State Transportation Secretary Rhonda Faught says the courts are a venue often overlooked by the public in the battle against drunken driving… She says the project will offer a detailed look at what’s happening in the counties on the front line of New Mexico’s anti-DWI efforts.

Do you think maybe judges facing reelections down the road won't be intimidated in their judicial decisions by this tactic?  Or that this is exactly the purpose of the federal grant?  So much for judicial independence in drunk driving cases. 

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