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Dial-a-DUI Proving Useless


Many of you are aware of a recent innovation in the War on Drunk Driving: the government soliciting anonymous phone calls to the police whereby you can report anyone to be a drunk driver who pisses you off  (see my earlier post, “How to Get Your ex-Spouse: The Anonymous Tip“). All such calls, we are assured in public service announcements, will be investigated — that is, your ex-wife will be pulled over and subjected to field sobriety tests.

So how is this new investigative tool working out?  Not so well, based upon reports from around the country such as the following:

“Drunk Busters” Hotline Got 280 Calls,

Leading to No Arrest

New Mexico. It has been around three weeks, but the DrunkBusters hotline hasn’t yet helped catch a single drunk driver.

State police said Friday evening that 280 people have called the hotline, 1-877-DWI-HALT, to report suspected drunk drivers. But all those calls have led to no arrests ‘ despite the fact that around 18,000 people were arrested for DWI in 2005, the state’s DWI Czar Rachel O’Connor said in December.

Funny, it worked finding witches in Salem….

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