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Madd Forced To Remove Fraudulent Claims


I see that my favorite charity is in the news again this morning:

Charity Drops ‘Misleading’

Spending Claim

Assertion that 83.6% of donations spent

on programs taken off MADD website

Toronto, Canada.  April 11 — MADD Canada has dropped its claim that 83.6 per cent of donor dollars is spent directly on its programs.

The claim – part of the charity’s pitch that annually raises $12 million – recently disappeared from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving website.

The move follows complaints from key members of the anti-drunk driving charity, and a Star probe that revealed the majority of donor money stays with paid telemarketers, door-knockers and a direct mail company.

Top volunteers have accused MADD of deceptive fundraising practices.

MADD chief executive officer Andrew Murie would not be interviewed by the Star but said in an email that the charity had updated the information as part of “our ongoing dialogue with our donors and supporters.”

For many years, MADD has been saying it spends donor money well. Fundraising pitches typically stated, “83.6 per cent of your donation is spent directly on MADD Canada programs.”

Last fall, as part of an investigation into charity in Canada, the Star analyzed internal financial documents and found that after the fundraising and administration expenses, only 19 cents of each dollar donated to MADD goes to its programs…

Actually, this type of misrepresentation by MADD has been going on for quite awhile (see last year’s post, “MADD Under Fire“).  And it is certainly not limited to Canada: MADD in the U.S. has been criticized repeatedly for its high salaries and overhead-program ratio.

(Thanks to Jeremy Campbell.)

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