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Drink and Drive and…Get Raped


In its escalating hysteria, MADD has commissioned and released new TV commercials.  I have not seen them yet, but a couple of readers have described one to me.  From one of those readers, posted today on the Comments section of “About DUI Blog“:

I’ve recently seen to my disgust a TV commercial sponsored by MADD showing the inside of a male prison. The way the prison is depicted is from the view of the prisoner (the convicted drunk driver). At the end of the commercial two rough looking inmates approach the convicted drunk driver and threaten to rape him using forms of physical intimidation. Then the commercial states at the end like all of their other commercials “drunk driving is a crime”.

Rather than give my reaction to this typical MADD activity, I’ll just continue with the reader’s comment:

I cannot believe that this form of disgusting tyranny is allowed to present itself in this manner to the public. MADD’s bold and arrogant attempt to shovel this kind of crap instilling fear into the public that they’ll be gang raped is completely unacceptable, and should result in the immediate removal of the commercial followed by a punishing lawsuit. Someone’s got to take these fanatical tyrants on in the name of decency, and constitutional freedom.

(Thanks to Grant.)

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