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Just Another Drunk Driver….Again


I posted a news story four days ago ("Just Another Drunk Driver") about a diabetic who died of cardiac arrest after being roughed up by four cops. They thought he was a drunk driver. In fact, he was having a diabetic attack; no alcohol was found in his body.

The following story about another driver having a diabetic attack took place the next day:

Paraplegic Man Allegedly Roughed Up By Police

Murfreesboro, TN. Sept. 29.  A paraplegic man in Rutherford County was allegedly roughed up Thursday night by police who thought they were dealing with an uncooperative drunk driver.

The misunderstanding happened when police removed Harvey Watson from his vehicle and thought that he was resisting arrest when they dragged him across the road.

Watson is diabetic and a paraplegic… A Rutherford County Sheriff's Department incident report shows that officers tried to stop Harvey Watson's vehicle but for medical reasons unknown to police at the time, he was disoriented. "When they told me to exit the vehicle I stuck both arms out the window and told them 'I cannot exit,'" Harvey Watson said.

Harvey Watson said it wasn't until officers had dragged him by his knees, roughed him up and handcuffed him that things became clearer for them.

(Watson's wife) LeAnn Watson said the handicapped license plate, his hand controls for the vehicle and the wheelchair should have clued them in, along with several calls to 911 she made before the stop…

Based on the incident report, a spokesman with the sheriff's department said officers followed procedure.

The War on Drunk Driving continues…

(Thanks to Jon.)

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