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For Sale: Breathalyzers….Cheap


No, we’re not talking about one of those little gizmos you can buy down at Sharper Image.  These are the real deals, the actual law enforcement breath-alcohol machines currently being used at police stations across the country…and legally admissible in court to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

What?  You thought the manufacturers had agreements with police agencies not to sell these things to private citizens (particularly not to defense attorneys)?  Well, yes, but then we live in the era of….eBay.  A few examples on eBay today:

CMI Intoxilyzer 5000  (Used, but in “good condition” — except it keeps reading “printer error”): starting bid $249

Intoximeter AlcoSensor IV (portable package complete with printer charger, dry gas ethanol for calibration and 200 mouthpieces):  starting bid $3000

Alcohawk Breathalyzer Police Kit (new portable 2006 model):  “Buy it now” for $189.99

CMI Intoxilyzer 5000 (20 used units available, “from an Arizona government facility”): “Buy it now” for $149.99 each

The Intoxilyer 5000 is the machine most commonly used by police agencies in the U.S. today.  Just think:  With a half-hour of self-study, you too can calibrate and operate one of these things — just like your local police….and with the same “beyond a reasonable doubt” accuracy.

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