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Preemptive Arrests Spreading?


For those who think that the previous post about police arresting people in bars before they can drive under the influence (even if they don’t have a car) is just a recent and isolated Texas aberration, consider this past story from the Washington Post:

2 Arrested in Va. Bars Dispute Police Account

Reston, VA.   On karaoke night at a crowded Reston bar just before Christmas, Daniel Crowley had at least six beers at a stage side table where he sat with three friends.

The mortgage broker had no idea that the attractive man and woman eyeing him from their stools were plainclothes Fairfax County police officers. Their mission was to observe drunks in bars so uniformed officers could arrest them on charges of being drunk in public.

No one had complained about Crowley’s behavior, and one of his friends was the night’s designated driver. But Crowley was about to be caught up in a police operation that was designed to deter intoxicated drivers, but has subsequently been criticized as heavy-handed and unfair.

“I didn’t know what was going on,” Crowley testified yesterday in Fairfax County General District Court, where he contested the charge before Judge Michael Cassidy. “I’d paid my tab, and I was ready to go home.”…

Big Mother is watching….

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