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The Dui Bounty


As I pointed out in a post awhile back ("How to Make a Million in the DUI Business"), police are under increasing pressure to make drunk driving arrests to raise badly-needed revenue for local government. Now consider the following news story appearing three days ago in the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

A new law that relaxes restrictions on how police can spend money collected from drunken driving fines could mean changes for big departments but probably not for smaller agencies that make fewer of those arrests, local police chiefs say. Police departments get $100 for each first-time drunken driving conviction resulting from an arrest made by its officers, and $200 for the second offense. Under the old law, police were required to use this money to buy equipment for the enforcement of alcohol-related crimes. Now, under a law that took effect at the end of last month, they can use the money for broader purposes such as paying for officers' salaries, sting operations and sobriety checkpoints…

So now the officer's incentive to make DUI arrests — good or bad — is to pay his own salary.

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