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MADD Favors Cell Phones in Cars — But Only to Report DUIs


In a recent post ("Driving Under the Influence of a Cell Phone"), I commented that if MADD were as interested in reducing traffic fatalities as they were in returning to Prohibition, they would campaign against the use of cell phones while driving. MADD appears to recognize this, as indicated by the results of a MADD-sponsored nationwide 2005 Gallup poll appearing on their official website:

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs was listed as the greatest highway safety problem by the largest percentage of respondents (37 percent) — up from 29 percent in 2000 — followed by speeding (27 percent) and cell phones (19 percent).

Yet, on another part of the same website entitled "Position Statements" appears the following:

WHEREAS, MADD has long advocated that its members and the public at large report suspected impaired drivers to law enforcement; and WHEREAS, MADD recognizes the benefits of wireless telephones in vehicles for the purpose of reporting suspected impaired drivers as well as for prompt response to medical emergencies following traffic crashes and other emergency situations; THEREFORE, MADD supports the use of wireless telephones in this manner as an additional tool which can play an important role in the war against drunk driving…

So, yes, cell phones are dangerous to use in cars — but you should keep one anyway…But only to report drunk drivers!

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