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Driving Under the Influence of…a Cell Phone


Now, if MADD were as interested in preventing highway deaths as they are in returning to the glory days of Prohibition….

Driving While on Cell Phone Worse

Than Driving While Drunk

THURSDAY, June 29 (Forbes) — Maneuvering through traffic while talking on the phone increases the likelihood of an accident five-fold and is actually more dangerous than driving drunk, U.S. researchers report.

That finding held true whether the driver was holding a cell phone or using a hands-free device, the researchers noted.

"As a society, we have agreed on not tolerating the risk associated with drunk driving," said researcher Frank Drews, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Utah. "This study shows us that somebody who is conversing on a cell phone is exposing him or herself and others to a similar risk — cell phones actually are a higher risk," he said…

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