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Attempted Suicide Convicted Of Dui


Some days nothing goes right….

London, England  A motorist tried to commit suicide by driving over a cliff – only to be prosecuted for drink driving.

John Corner was suffering from depression when he headed to the rockface with lots of alcohol. He parked close to the edge, had a drink to summon up courage and drove straight for the precipice. But his car stopped just inches from disaster after hitting a fence. He was found by police close to the scene and was arrested – for drunk driving the short distance from where he had stopped to the edge of the cliff…

Mr. Corner, believed to be from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, won his appeal on the grounds he was not a danger to other road users while driving towards the cliff’s edge. 

Apparently, police in England have about the same degree of common sense and compassion as their brethren in America.

(Thanks to Richard Diamond.)

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