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Another “Successful” DUI Roadblock


I’ve written in past posts that the "DUI Exception to the Constitution" for roadblocks has been badly abused. Specifically, police are increasingly using these ineffective and intrusive roadblocks to issue unrelated citations and increase governmental revenue….

Police say DUI Checkpoint was a Success

DANBURY, CT December 29  Even though city police officers made only one drunk-driving arrest after stopping more than 1,000 motorists at a sobriety checkpoint late last week, they called the effort successful….

Ten officers were called in to take part in the roadblock. They found 29 infractions, mostly for people traveling without a license. Fifteen cars were towed because the operator didn’t have a license or registration. About 350 verbal warnings were issued. Two separate arrests were made for drug possession when illegal substances were found in two vehicles.

One DUI among more than 1000 drivers. 99.9% of the people stopped were sober. And that’s called a "successful effort"…financially.

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