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The Next Wave of DUI Laws…is Here


For those of you who have concluded that DUI laws cannot get any more Draconian:

It's Now Easier To Buy A Shotgun In NC Than A Keg Of Beer

RALEIGH, NC. August 23 — In the state's continuing war against the consumption of alcohol, North Carolina Governor Mike Easley signed a new law on Monday that will not only make it harder to buy kegs of beer, but will also diminish the legal rights of defendants to challenge illegally or incorrectly obtained evidence by the state in regards to driving under the influence charges.

The new law also makes it a crime to have any alcohol in the system of anyone under 21 years of age and allows police officers to demand a chemical test of citizens under 21, whether or not they are driving a vehicle… In addition, the new laws will allow police officers to charge drivers operating a vehicle with a DUI offense even if they are on private property and even if the business is closed. Previously, only those drivers that were on "public" roadways or areas open to the public fell under the domain of DUI laws.

Furthermore, the new laws also allows police officers to introduce tests from field breathalyzers as evidence, as opposed to the more accurate machine breathalyzer tests that are usually done at police headquarters or police stations. In the past, those more accurate automated tests were usually used as evidence in DUI cases instead of the field breathalyzer units…

Apparently, accuracy of blood alcohol evidence is no longer a priority — nor is the Constitution. And in the "Kegs don't kill people, people kill people" department:

Strangely enough, in North Carolina, an 18 year old citizen may purchase a shotgun or long rifle without a permit, but under the new law that takes effect in December, no one — not even those over 21 — in North Carolina will be able to buy a keg of beer without a permit…

Can Prohibition be far behind? (Thanks to Dr. David J. Hanson and David R. Teddy, Esq.)

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