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How To Get Arrested For Dui


Ask a Dumb Question, Get a DUI Charge

SYDNEY, Australia.  AP — A tipsy tourist couldn’t spot Ayers Rock despite parking only 100 yards away with his headlights pointing at the landmark, police said.

A 44-year-old Australian man flagged down a car late Tuesday thinking it carried park rangers and asked directions to the giant monolith (about 1,000 feet tall) that juts out of an Outback plain.

Unfortunately for the hapless tourist, the car was carrying police.

”Nonetheless, the tourist told police he and his female companion wanted directions to the rock,” Northern Territory Police said in a statement. ”The police officer breathalyzed the driver after pointing out his headlights were shining right at it.”

The man was found to be driving with excess alcohol in his blood and without a license. He was ordered to appear in court on May 18.

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