THC Blood Content

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, there has been much concern regarding its impact on traffic safety. Marijuana use by drivers, particularly those arrested and involved in crashes, has become an emerging issue. However, there is a bit of a gray area under California law regarding marijuana use and driving.  While it is […]

I’ve done several posts on whether we could be seeing a breathalyzer for marijuana soon. The latest reports on a marijuana breathalyzer are coming from one of the states which have recently legalized recreational marijuana.

I’ve written several articles in the past about researchers and research companies who are trying to develop a marijuana breathalyzer. One company, however, has been given a big boost from the state of Colorado to assist in their development of a marijuana breathalyzer.

The beginning of 2014 marked the end of a 70-year ban on the sale of marijuana for recreational use, at least in Colorado. Colorado became the first state in the nation, and the first government in the world, to control and regulate a legal recreational marijuana industry.

Researchers recently published an article in the medical journal Clinical Chemistry that suggests a marijuana breathalyzer might be the best way to test if someone has smoked marijuana before getting behind the wheel.