new mexico

A 2010 collision left two teenagers dead when a drunk driver rear ended their family’s vehicle. Who were the victims of this tragedy? According to the drunk driver, the victims were the two teenagers…and him.

It seems that New Mexico has been at the center of many of my recent posts, mostly in the negative context. I’m happy to say that New Mexico is giving us a positive story. It seems that a New Mexico statistician has found a silver lining to the rising gas prices.

59 year old Stephen Slevin decided to drive across county in 2005. However, his trip was stopped short in Dona Ana, New Mexico when he was pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. He was taken to the Dona Ana County Detention Center and was held there for nearly two years without ever going to court.

This last August, a South Dakota man received his 16th (that’s right 16th) DUI conviction. Robert Groethe, 60, of Rapid City received a two year prison sentence for his 16th DUI conviction (19th arrest) with a blood alcohol content level of 0.247 percent which resulted in the collision of a parked car outside of a casino. Groethe’s DUI history goes back to 1977. Since then Groeth has racked up 19 DUI arrests, 16 DUI convictions, with 11 of the 16 convictions for felony charges.