memorial day dui

The holidays are a dangerous time to be on the road. While Memorial Day is an enjoyable major holiday, statistics prove it to be one of the deadliest because people are driving while intoxicated at an alarmingly high rate. Therefore, we must raise awareness of DUIs during Memorial Day weekend. In an effort to prevent impaired […]

Memorial Day is always a busy weekend for DUI arrests and accidents. This year was no different: reports from Burlingame, CA and San Diego, CA show high arrest numbers at DUI checkpoints and increased enforcement. DUI-related arrests across the state have also risen since last year. On May 25th, Friday night, almost 30 vehicles were […]

Memorial Day DUI’s

This coming Monday, the last Monday in the month of May, is the day that the United States remembers those who died while serving in the armed forces. Memorial Day also unofficially marks the beginning of summer and many people bring in the summer with a three day weekend of barbequing, getting together with family and friends, and drinking.

As the unofficial kickoff to summer, it came as no surprise that law enforcement would be cracking down on DUIs this past Memorial Day weekend. They certainly did and the California Highway Patrol has released its numbers.

Two posts ago, I gave you the California DUI arrest rate for the Memorial Day weekend. Although, checkpoints in Los Angeles did, in fact, nab some drunk drivers, some people protested that there was a racially motivated ulterior motive to specific checkpoints in Los Angeles.