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The Only 3 Effective DUI Field Tests Police officers use field sobriety tests (“FSTs”) when they stop a driver suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. The three standardized field sobriety tests (“SFSTs”) are considered the most reliable FSTs and the tests recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for use […]

How Long Does a DUI Case Take in California? It can be frightening to be arrested for DUI in California. Once the worst has passed, you probably want to put it all behind you and move on with your life. However, you may wonder how long a DUI case can take in California. How long […]

When Can a DUI Lead to a More Serious Charge? Most DUIs in California are misdemeanor charges that can carry jail time, probation, fines, penalties, license suspension or restrictions, and many other consequences. However, there are situations where a DUI can lead to more severe charges, such as a felony. California state law treats drinking […]

What Happens if I Can’t Afford to Hire a California DUI Attorney? Many people believe they cannot afford to hire a private lawyer when arrested for driving under the influence in California. However, before you give up the idea of having a private lawyer represent you in a DUI case, schedule a free consultation with […]

There are no limits to how many DUIs a person can receive in California. However, if you are charged with a fifth DUI within the past ten years, you are likely facing a felony DUI charge. The penalties for felony DUI convictions are much harsher than the penalties for misdemeanor drunk driving convictions. Understanding your […]