dui in california

On Saturday, November 15th at approximately 9:10 p.m., an alleged drunk driver caused an accident that claimed the life of his two-year old passenger. According to investigative reports, the crash occurred in Palmdale, California on Avenue P east of 240th St. The suspect, identified as 26-year-old Devon Dorsey, was traveling westbound in a 2006 Ford […]

Just a few days after celebrating her 18th birthday with family and friends, Bermuda Dunes resident Briauna Ramirez was tragically killed in an accident caused by a suspected drunk driver. According to authorities, the accident occurred at approximately 3 a.m. on Saturday, October 24th. Ramirez was riding in the front seat with friends on the […]

Twenty-eight-year-old Jesus Suazo’s history of drunk driving has caught up with him for good and led him to a life sentence in jail. He was sentenced to 19-years-to-life in prison for killing a woman in a tragic DUI accident in Tulare, California. Suazo’s sentence comes nearly a year after a Tulare County jury convicted him […]

A Cotati man is suspected of driving intoxicated and fatally striking a 53-year-old pedestrian this past Tuesday in Petaluma, CA. According to authorities, the driver (identified as 41-year-old James Watkins) was traveling southbound on McDowell Boulevard in a 2011 Toyota Prius at an accelerated speed. At approximately 7:00pm, Watkins lost control of his vehicle and went […]

A video of LAPD officers allowing a suspect to leave the scene of a four-car accident has gone viral and raised great concern by this Californian community. After crashing his own vehicle and hitting three others, the intoxicated man stumbled away without an arrest being made. A suspected drunk driver hit three parked cars in […]