dui checkpoints

The California Highway Patrol has released their DUI arrest and fatality statistics for the holiday season that recently passed. However, it is honestly difficult to determine if the constant DUI checkpoints and rideshare options that are now readily available are doing much to make a difference. The CHP announced that there were 1,166 arrests statewide […]

This Fourth of July, California Highway Patrol reported making a total of 389 arrests across the state in a 30-hour period starting Tuesday. This figure does not include any local DUI arrest statistics. CHP designated a Maximum Enforcement Period (MEP) for the holiday and found that during this time, a DUI arrest was made on […]

A study released by WalletHub comparing the strictest states on DUI finds that California is right in the middle. The study compared drunk driving penalties across the US, including minimum jail time provisions for first and following convictions, license suspensions, how long DUIs remain on records, whether DUI is ruled an automatic felony, fines, insurance […]

Although not my preferred sporting event, the Long Beach Grand Prix attracts race car enthusiasts from all over the world. As with most sporting events, where there are enthusiastic fans, there are also alcohol vendors waiting to supply fan-favorite refreshments.

I warned you. Law enforcement official throughout California stepped up efforts to curb end-of-summer drunk driving, particularly with checkpoints. But were they really aimed at catching drunk drivers or was there an ulterior motive behind their efforts? Some are criticizing the checkpoints for unfairly targeting low income immigrants who do not hold drivers licenses.