california state law

The Santa Rosa Press Telegram has reported that a Northern California man has been sentenced to five years in a California state prison for his 8th DUI conviction.

Well, it’s one way to tip the police off that you might be driving drunk.

Last week, an anonymous caller notified the Bergenfield, New Jersey police that a possible drunk driver was attempting to drive a Ford Mustang out of the parking lot of a Wallgreen’s parking lot. When officers arrived, they found 24-year-old Travis Jacob in the vehicle as described by the caller. After failing field sobriety tests, Jacob was arrested for driving under the influence.

When a person is arrested for a California DUI and it is suspected that alcohol is the cause of the intoxication, the arresting officer usually holds onto the person’s license and gives them an Administrative Per Se (APS) order of suspension slip. The driver has 10 days to contact the California DMV Driver Safety Office to schedule an APS hearing to try and save their license.

“Dram shop statutes” are laws that hold alcohol-serving establishments liable for injuries caused by drunk drivers who were served alcohol when they were obviously intoxicated. In other words, a bar or restaurant can be sued if they served a visibly intoxicated customer and that intoxicated person causes damage or injuries while driving drunk.