July 4th DUI in California? DUIs Increase, Tragedy in Oceanside, and What to Do   Are you wondering what to do if your Independence Day celebrations are now threatening your independence? If you found yourself in handcuffs after drinking and driving during the July 4th weekend in California, you’re not alone. For many Americans, Independence […]

A DUI on the Fourth of July   The first large 4th of July party happened in 1777, exactly one year after American independence. It was a day of spontaneous merriment, with fireworks, bonfires, lit candles in windows and gatherings in the streets of Philadelphia, according to In those days people could celebrate to […]

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DUI Checkpoints, the Fourth Amendment, and the Court Cases That Changed Them   Many people are familiar with DUI checkpoints in California: the flashing lights and signs, the cones and barricades, uniformed officers with flashlights in hand. Late at night or in the early hours of the morning, law enforcement officers screen drivers to check […]

Windsor Hills Crash Suspect Nicole Linton Charged with Murder, Lawyers Argue She Had a Seizure Anyone who saw the gas station surveillance video from the fiery car crash in Los Angeles, California on August 4, 2022, likely hasn’t forgotten it. But was there more than meets the eye with this crash?   On August 4, […]