As boating season nears us, it is important that boaters remember marine traffic laws in order to avoid accidents and injuries. Law enforcement officials routinely patrol waterways with the hopes of stopping and arresting people for boating while intoxicated the same as they could if they were driving a vehicle on a traditional road. Every […]

On July 5th of this year, Juan Francisco Moreno Herrera, 43 of Salida, California, was arrested on suspicion of murder after a collision between Herrera’s boat and a jet ski carrying a couple of teenagers. It was alleged that Herrera was operating his boat under the influence and, as a result, collided Vanessa Zamora, 14, […]

BUI Blamed for Boater Death

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The body of a New Jersey man was recovered from Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey this week. The driver of the pontoon boat that he was a passenger on has since been charged with boating under the influence. This past weekend, 24-year-old Jason Gill of Mr. Arlington was a passenger on a pontoon boat operated [...]

Memorial Day, the unofficial kickoff to summer, has now past and Californians will be looking to the many local beaches, lakes, and rivers to cool off this summer. But think twice about bringing the alcohol refreshments aboard.

Summertime BUIs

Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol isn’t only dangerous; it’s illegal.