bicycle dui

Most of us are aware that driving a vehicle under the influence is illegal. The law is present in one form or another across the United States. But what about riding a bicycle while intoxicated? In California, Vehicle Code 212005.5 states that it is illegal to cycle or bike under the influence. Depending on the […]

A Pennsylvania man was arrested Tuesday night after police found him driving under the influence on a bicycle. Trevor Joseph Kruis, 19, was spotted by police at about 10:52 p.m. riding his bike in traffic. When officers stopped him, he showed signs of “being highly under the influence of alcohol and a controlled substance.” According […]

I’ve talked about BUI for operating a boating under the influence. I’ve talked about CUI for cycling under the influence. Apparently in Alaska you can be charged with RUI for rafting under the influence.

Can you be charged with driving under the influence under California’s DUI law, California Vehicle Code section 23152, when riding a bicycle? Simply put, no.

In Los Angeles today, 5 bicyclists were arrested for DUI.  Can you really get a DUI for riding your bicycle.?  The first question that must be answered is whether a bicycle is a “vehicle” within the meaning of Vehicle Code § 670.