How have some DUI defendants not gotten a chance to prove their innocence, even three years after their initial arrest? One Atlanta, Georgia woman knows this situation too well. Lauren Thomas was arrested in May 2015 for DUI, even though she claims she was not intoxicated. She was arrested because of her refusal to take […]

According to the Hawaii Supreme Court, a person can no longer be subject to criminal action for refusing a chemical test under Hawaii’s implied consent law. In 2011, Yong Shik Won was arrested for driving under the influence. After being transported to the police station, he was provided a form which explained that, by virtue […]

What is an expungement?

Simply put, California law allows under certain circumstances where a conviction did not result in prison time to reopen the case, withdraw the guilty plea, and the case to be dismissed.  This process is commonly known as an “Expungement”.  The beauty of this process is that it gives you the opportunity to state that you […]