California DUI Experts

Each of the DUI lawyers in the firm is backed by the reputations, expertise, advice and testimony of respected governmental DUI experts formerly with California law enforcement and the Department of Motor Vehicles. These expert witnesses are available when needed to to defend our clients against criminal DUI charges in court or at DMV license suspension hearings.

  • Forensic Toxicologist, Beckner photo

    Dewayne K. Beckner, forensic toxicologist. Consultant on permanent retainer to the firm, Mr. Beckner is a former supervisor for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Crime Lab responsible for all DUI alcohol testing, he has testified over 3500 times as a recognized expert in DUI and vehicular manslaughter cases.

  • James Allard, licensed and certified investigator

    James Allard, licensed and certified investigator. A retired homicide detective after 23 years with the Huntington Beach Police Department, Mr. Allard was previously a deputy with the Orange County Sheriffs Department and handles all DUI investigations in the Orange County and Riverside-San Bernardino areas.

  • Hervey 'Skip' Davidson, licensed and certified investigator

    Hervey "Skip" Davidson, licensed and certified investigator. Retired as a homicide detective from the Los Angeles Police Department after 21 years of service, Mr. Davidson conducts the firm's investigations concerning clients' DUI cases in Los Angeles County.

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