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AA Meetings for a California DUI

There are several penalties that a person might receive following a California DUI conviction, some of which are mandatory under California law and some of which are discretionary. For a first-time California DUI, a person can expect at a minimum … Continue reading

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DUI Probation Violation

It is not uncommon for the judge to impose a 3-5 year probation term instead of jail time for a DUI conviction. In fact, unless there are aggravating circumstances, receiving probation is highly likely. As my past blogs have demonstrated, what someone receives as their terms or conditions of probation can vary quite significantly. Continue reading

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DUI and Warrants

Today I received a call from a potential client who said that a bench warrant was issued for him because he failed to show the court proof of enrollment of his DUI class following his conviction. He wanted to know what this meant. Continue reading

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“Justice is truth in action.” -Benjamin Disraeli

The inscription in the wall of the lobby of the courthouse is hardly noticeable and difficult to read. It is placed by the four elevators that lead up to the numerous courtrooms, where, day in and day out, judicial officers make decisions having a major impact on individuals’ lives. “Justice is truth in action,” the inscription reads. It seems poignant but as if it was placed there as an afterthought, much like the “justice” that was delivered to an individual in those hallowed halls not too long ago. Continue reading

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