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San Clemente Woman on Trial for DUI and Second-Degree Murder

A woman from San Clemente was suspected of drunk driving in Huntington Beach on March 30, 2018, resulting in the death of three people. While reportedly under the influence, Bani Marcela Duarte, 29, crashed her car into a stopped vehicle … Continue reading

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Long Beach DUI Murder Without Priors

A second degree murder charge for a California DUI resulting in a death is generally reserved for those who have suffered a prior DUI charge. Prosecutors are able to introduce both signed Watson advisements and the attendance of a DUI class to prove that the defendant acted with a “conscious disregard for human life,” otherwise known as implied malice. Continue reading

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What is a Tahl Form?

Last week a client asked me what a Tahl form was after I explained the process of accepting a plea deal. I thought it might be a good idea to run through the basics of a Tahl form for a DUI. Continue reading

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Former Humboldt Deputy Faces Watson Murder Charges

Michael Joseph Campbell, a former Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy is facing murder charges after crashing his motorcycle killing his passenger, Cara Banducci. Continue reading

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Watson Advisement – Murder by DUI

Individuals with a prior DUI conviction may be charged with second degree murder if they drive drunk and cause a fatality due to the Watson Advisement, a document most California courts require to be signed by offenders as part of DUI sentencing. Continue reading

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