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Dad Accused of Shooting Drunk Driver Who Killed Sons is Acquitted

In December of 2012, David Barajas of Alvin, Texas and his two sons, twelve-year-old David Jr. and eleven-year-old Caleb, were pushing Barajas’s Ford F-250 on the side of the road because it had run out of gas when drunk driver, twenty-year-old Jose Banda, lost control of his vehicle and plowed into Barajas and his sons. Both of Barajas’s sons were killed as a result of the collision. Continue reading

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Life Sentence for 6th DUI

A general principle of criminal law is that the punishment must “fit the crime.” Is a life sentence for a 6th DUI overkill? I’d sure say so. Continue reading

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California’s Driving Requirement

Last month I wrote a post on the topic of out-of-state priors. I mentioned that in California, for someone to be charged with driving under the influence, the suspect must have actually and voluntarily driven a vehicle. Continue reading

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