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Holiday DUI Enforcement Kicks Off

As is the case when any holiday rolls around, law enforcement plan to increase their presence and be extra vigilant in looking for anyone who may be under the influence. This is all in the hopes of supporting public safety … Continue reading

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DUI Arrests More Than Triple Over July 4th Weekend

The Fourth of July weekend is notoriously known for being one of the most dangerous times to drive on the road. During this period, people are often partying, setting off fireworks, and drinking alcohol in celebration. Much like Memorial Day … Continue reading

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Study Compares the Strictest States on DUI

A study released by WalletHub comparing the strictest states on DUI finds that California is right in the middle. The study compared drunk driving penalties across the US, including minimum jail time provisions for first and following convictions, license suspensions, … Continue reading

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DUI Entrapment?

I’ve had several people ask me if it is considered entrapment when law enforcement wait outside of bar or restaurant so that they can arrest people for driving under the influence when they leave in a vehicle. The answer is no. Continue reading

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Memorial Day DUIs Down from Last Year

California Highway Patrol has reported an overall decline in DUIs and DUI fatalities during this year’s Memorial Day weekend. Continue reading

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