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DUI Branded Driver’s Licenses

After posting a few blogs on the unusual ways some states have taken to branding their DUI offenders with so called “DUI scarlet letters,” I wondered what else was out there. If this is the first blog you’re reading, I’m referring to Minnesota’s use of the “whiskey plates” and the judge who ordered a DUI offender to wear a sign that said he killed someone while driving drunk while standing at the location of the collision. After doing some research, it seems North Dakota is considering its own DUI scarlet letter. Continue reading

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DUI License Plate

A couple of posts ago I wrote an article on the judge who imposed a probation condition that required a DUI defendant to wear a sign that indicated that he killed someone while driving drunk. Not surprisingly, the sign put the defendant’s safety in jeopardy. The judge was eventually forced to reconsider his probation condition. Continue reading

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