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DUI Probation Violation

It is not uncommon for the judge to impose a 3-5 year probation term instead of jail time for a DUI conviction. In fact, unless there are aggravating circumstances, receiving probation is highly likely. As my past blogs have demonstrated, what someone receives as their terms or conditions of probation can vary quite significantly. Continue reading

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How many times do I have to blow?

Many clients often inquire why law enforcement required them to blow into multiple breathalyzer devices throughout the course of their DUI arrest.  The answer is slightly more complex than one would initially think at first blush.

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Probable Cause in DUI Cases

California State Finance Director, Ana Matosantos, provides us with a platform to discuss a very common issue in many DUI cases: Probable Cause.  According to the Sacramento Daily Journal, she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of … Continue reading

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